More and more people are buying smart handsets because ofthe benefits these mobile phones have to offer. The iPhone 4smade by Apple is one the smart phones being bought like hot cakes. Some of the functions of this handset are; a high resolution touch display,a browser with an ability of opening webpages not just mobile ready pages, a digitized and video camera, media player and so on. If you are looking for a phone that will enhance your mobile feel then this is the phoneworth your while.

From the October last year, you could easily make an order of this smart phone when it was released into the market in different countries all over the world.

The iPhone 4 Price in USA rates from 199 dollars to 399 dollars. The price is expected to depreciate to 99 dollars. To get a high end preposition, this mobile phone is made with more high-tech technology and is innovatively designed.  There are plans to swiftly sell all iphone 4 phones in store to make way for it the market. For this reason, apple has come up with new costs and data programs.

It’s better to understand these new cahnges. Also you need understand well the recent AT&T data plans. In USA, you will need to register or renew your AT&T agreement which has a duration of two years. The handset is made in two colors: it can be either black or white. For 16GB storage space, you will pay 199 dollars. On the contrary, a 32 GB phone goes for299 dollars.

Some customers choose to go forward and buy the phone without signing any contracts. The simple meaning of this is you will not get any discounts without the AT&T contract. The cost of the 16 gig is $599 and the 32 gig is $699. You have to choose the best plan that will work for you and consider your budget.

Therenumerous rewards you will get by becoming an AT&T client. Their program will provide you many alternatives to work with. You can take advantage of their Data Plus Package and pay fifteen dollars mothly for 200 mega bites for twenty five dollars to get an additional 2 gigabytes. Additionally, you can get tethering services at an extra fee of twenty dollars a month.

Being a client of AT&T means you can go on enjoying unlimited data as stipulated in their contract. AT&T however, does not offer unlimited data options to other people other than the customers on contract.